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***Good for International English lessons***
Discover English
 provides a solid grammar and lexical syllabus with the perfect mix of variety and challenge to motivate young learners. The course uses simple tried and tested principles to address the needs of a modern student. The learners are encouraged to explore foreign countries and learn about different cultures. They are also involved and motivated by unusual tasks, such as designing computer games, breaking codes or learning more about themselves – all this and more, as their English improves!

Key features

  •  Photo stories in each level tied to project work, which provides the context for the learners to discover the subject area.
  • Text driven lesson shows the articles created by the course characters or are used to discover more about the topic-texts and topics on these pages as global as possible
  • Cartoon stories in each unit develop themes in a humorous and enjoyable way allowing further exploration of the topic
  • Culture pages or Skills page expose students to more real-world treatments of the topic and a chance to practice newly acquired language in a freer context.
  • CYLETS style activities provide covert practice of exam for YL – TB references these so the teacher is always fully aware of which activity type is which
  • Multiple Intelligence/brain friendly teaching - puzzles, learning tips, fun zone, projects and codes. No student is left behind. Activities for fast finishers and a wealth of material in the Teacher’s Book. A well balanced and considered course where all learning styles are catered for
  • DVD – Interactive DVD component has an interactive element where questions are answered on screen by remote control or by using your mouse on a computer. 
  •  ActiveTeach - interactive software component

See a co-author review of the series:


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