Unitec Students

Welcome, Unitec English students in 2018!

Below is a list of the books you need.  There are three ways to purchase your books:

1) Click and Collect - Find the books you need, and press 'click and collect'. When the window pops up, enter your email address and phone number. Click 'Reserve Now'. We will reserve the book for you for 3 days. Please make an appointment to pick up and pay for the book at our office in Te Atatu Peninsula.

2) Online Purchase - Create an account on our website (press "sign up" at the top right of the page). Find the books you need and add them to your cart. Check out and pay by credit card. We will send the book directly to your home. 

3) Bookstall - We are planning to have a bookstall at the two Unitec campuses. You can purchase your books there.  Mt Albert: 6th, 9th, 13th March. Waitakere: 9th March.

***Note: If we are out of stock of any book, you can still purchase it. When we get more, we will bring the book to your Unitec Campus with your name on it.***


For NZCEL Level 2: New Total English Pre-Intermediate Student's Book AND New Total English Pre-Intermediate Workbook

For NZCEL Level 3 (General): New Total English Intermediate Student's Book AND New Total English Intermediate Workbook

For NZCEL Level 3 (Applied Community): English File 3rd Edition Intermediate Plus Student's Book

For NZCEL Level 3 (Applied Academic): Oxford EAP Pre-Intermediate/B1 Students Book

For NZCEL Level 4 (ESCP): New Total English Upper-Intermediate Student's Book AND New Total English Upper-Intermediate Workbook

For NZCEL Level 4 (Academic): Oxford EAP Intermediate/B1+ Student's Book

For NZCEL Level 5: Oxford EAP Upper-Intermediate/B2 Student's Book