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Our Discovery Island: 

Welcome to Our Discovery Island, a multi-level primary series that engages children in 21st century learning. Levels include Starter, L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5

 Our Discovery Island…

Reaches: Online adventures on themed islands develop the cognitive, emotional, and social skills of the whole learner

Teaches: Links to daily life through cross-curricular connections and authentic texts immersestudents in English

Gets Results: Guided communication, collaboration, fun characters, and engaging stories motivatelearners and make learning English more exciting than ever

Course components for the Pupils

Pupil’s Book
- includes student’s access code to a unique Online Game – safe, engaging, highly-motivating environment for practising target language

Activity Book
- includes a CD-ROM with interactive exercises, games and puzzles, songs and chants from the Pupil’s Book to be used in class and at home

Course components for the classroom use

- contains 4 episodes focusing on the topics and language of two units, song presentations and animated stories

- contains 62 flashcards per level to present, practise and consolidate language through games and activities

Story Cards
- consists of A4 cards with teaching notes, activities and the audioscript for the story frame

- contains 3 posters for each level to provide a new context for communication

Teacher’s Book
- Includes step-by-step lesson plans, recommended procedures for games, stories and DVD, evaluation sheets, photocopiable resources and access code for online game and students’ Progress Review System

Active Teach
- A digital version of the paper book – a rich, multimedia experience that will keep students motivated. Uploaded to a computer, it provides a digital version of all of the pages in the Pupil’s Book and Activity Book
- Students can zoom text, pictures and exercises, and access the class audio programme, DVD content, digital story cards and posters

There is also a phonics app to accompany this series.

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