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Aula Internacional is a widely used Spanish language course published by Spanish publisher Difusion. It is targeted to young adults and can be used in tertiary education, or in the higher years of secundary education. The course consists of 5 levels, ranging from level A1 to B2.2. Each volume includes the student and exercise book as well as a grammar summary. The level 1 volume can be supplemented with a Grammar and Vocabulary Companion. 

In 2020 Difusion has published Aula International Plus, an updated version of the Aula International New Edition. Level 1 to 3 (A1-B1) have been published in 2020. Level 4 and 5 (B2.1 and B2.2) will become available in 2021. Aula International Plus has alternative versions of texts, audio and digital content for different Spanish speaking countries available via Campus Difusion. There is also a greater focus on vocabulary and videos have been updated. 

Note: Level 1 comes in a Spanish and a bilingual Spanish-English version.